Friday, December 24, 2010

Gleason Family Christmas Party

This year my family's Christmas party was the day before Christmas eve so most of us could attend and not have to leave to go somewhere else.

I think I can speak for all of us in saying "we had a blast!"
Me, Kiley and Brody Floto

Me and Josh Brotzman (those are Michelle's fingers)

Zach (Ashley's boyfriend) and Ashley Gleason

Me and Chase

Courtney, Aden and Keylee Harmon

Courtney and Pam

Me and Carley

Me and Courtney

Avarie and Carley

Every time my mom gets her picture taken she has to say "SEX" so her eyes will stay open.

Me and my mom Betty

Me, Pam and Cassie

Me and Paul Brotzman

Me, Matt Brotzman and Carly (Matt's girlfriend)

Me and Brody

Me and Michelle Brotzman

Me and Shane

Courtney, Gavin, me and Preston

Me and Kiley

Me, Mike Douglas and Carley

Larry, me and Anna

Me, Gavin and Carley

Me and Porscha

Did you notice "Me" is in almost all of the pictures? I counted, there is 5 pictures that I am not in.

Merry Christmas family. I love you all!

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