Monday, May 31, 2010

Arch - Who Goes There?

We headed to Moab again for Memorial weekend. Oh, how we love Moab. We decided to go into the Arches National Park since we were so close to it. Maddie, Austin and I were the only ones who have been their before.

Park Avenue

Courtney at the Park Avenue lookout.

Goofing around by the Broken Arch. I never knew that everyone would have such a fun time climbing all over the rocks.
Maddie, Carley and Shane
I love the way Carley is posing in this picture.
Walk to the Sand Dune Arch. Why is Shane sucking in his stomach..WTF?!?

Walking up to the Delicate Arch. Maddie and Carley went back to the truck to get the big lens for my camera.

Delicate Arch

The Geico lizard was on vacation at the Arches the same time we was.

The Cove of Caves Double Arch was the first arch that we walked to and climbed on. The kids plus Shane and Mike had a blast climbing. Jenn and I decided to stay at the bottom and take pictures. Really? NO! I am a klutz and would fall and break something and ruin our trip.

Cove of Caves Double Arch
The man on the far left kept following us around to get in all of our pictures. His wife was their with her own camera so why did he need to be in our pictures?? Maybe because he wanted to be cool like us!
I cut the man out in this picture!

And in this picture.

Balanced Rock

The he/she on the far left yelled "Brett Michael's Rock of Love". I have no clue who any of these people are but I think they are "biker misfits"!

Here is the he/she's motor cycle. The banner reads Team Diva.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Diesel 1st Birthday

Diesel Adams' 05/22/2009

Today is Diesel's birthday.

Happy Birthday to you..woof woof
Happy Birthday to you..woof woof
Happy Birthday dear Diesel..woof woof
Happy Birthday to you..woof woof

We love you

Grandma, Grandpa, Courtney and Carley

Friday, May 21, 2010

Melmen's 1st Birthday

Melmen Adams' 05/21/2009

Today is Melmen's 1st birthday.

Happy Birthday to you..woof woof..
Happy Birthday to you..woof woof..
Happy Birthday Dear Melmen..woof woof..
Happy Birthday to you..woof woof

We Love You

Grandma, Grandpa, Cassie, Courtney and Carley

Diesel and Melmen

Melmen was born a day earlier then Diesel but Diesel was bigger.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shane Is The Big 41

Shane 05/14/1969

OOOHHHH...Birthday Boy!!
How are you going to celebrate?
Celebrate turning 41!!
Let's Party!!
Party like Rock Stars!!

Here is the skinny birthday boy:

  1. You are a WONDERFUL husband!
  2. You have three BEAUTIFUL daughters!
  3. You are as HANDSOME as EVER!
Here is the skinny birthday boy on your age:

  1. You are older than 1 year, 4 months and 12 days. (I would totally do the minutes but I have no clue what time we were born)
  2. You have been married longer then you've been single.
  3. Your full retirement age is 67 years old. Only 26 more years!

Letter from Carley:

I love you daddy so much you are the best dad in the world and the best dad i ever had well your the only dad i ever had i love when you tell me all your funny stories like how you would be mean to girls when you were young and put a red coke can on the top of your truck and speed and act like you were a cop hahaha. and when i eat and you always still a piece of my food and i flip out but i actually don't care if you still my food! i love how you always tuck me in a night and say i love you car good night. thank you for all the thinks you've done for me and help golf and teach me to hold a golf club and teach be how to shoot an bow and arrow you have help me through my life and tell me what the good chose is I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Letter from Courtney:

Well there ain't much to say but that i love you and that your the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!! thank you for always being there to support me!! i love hunting and camping with you, you make it more of an adventure! i hope this year me and you can kill an elk and deer that would be such a blast!! even if we don't i will still just love spending daddy daughter time hunting!! :) I'm so glad your my dad! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH DADDY!!!


Shane, I love you so much!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kearns Dance Competition

Carley had her 4th and final dance competition for this year at Kearns High School on Saturday 05/08/2010. Carley loves dance competitions, me not so much. Bleachers are not very comfortable. They make my butt and back hurt. I have seen alot of improvement from the 1st competition to the last from all the dancers.

Team - Shakin' in our boots

Carley highest toe touch (right)

5th from right


Jazz - Not like That
1st on left heel stretch

Lyrical - She is Love
1st on right Cheerio

Center front

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Me Day with My Girl Friends

Jenn had an AWESOME plan, we take off work, go to lunch and then get a massage. Who could pass this up? Obviously not any of us, we jumped all over her AWESOME plan!

We had lunch at Mimi's Cafe. The fish taco's were better then our service. For some reason I don't think our server liked us. I find that odd because who wouldn't like us? We are polite, good looking and super funny. Oh freak..I know why she didn't like us..It's because we are good looking and super funny! (I crack myself up)

Pleshette, Me, Kimmy, KyAnn and Jenn

After lunch we went to Sego Lily for a full body massage. Massages are so relaxing that I could get one every day. One problem with that and it's a LARGE problem is I am NOT a millionaire.

Jenn and I were in the couple's room (even though we are not a couple and are both married to men) with two masseur (male massage guys). Pleshette and KyAnn shared a room with two masseuse (female massage girls) and Kimmy was in her own room with a masseuse. They didn't have a room big enough to fit us all in.

After our massages we hung around in their mediation room and talked.

I think I can say for all of us, we had a AWESOME time. Thanks for the AWESOME plan Jenn and lets do it again!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Eye's In Review

As you all should know by now Pam and I went and had our eye liner tattooed on. I want you to see a day by day review on my eyes.

Before with makeup on
Before without makeup on

The next day after getting them tattooed my eyes were red, blurry and swollen. I was starting to get a black eye. I thought this was kind of cool because I have NEVER had a black eye before.
Day 1

Pam - Day 1

Did you notice how miserable I look compared to Pam?
On this day my eyes are not as red or swollen as day 1 and the blurriness has gone away.
Day 2

On this day I think I am looking better. My black eye did not pan out so it was kind of a let down, Oh well.
Day 3

As of today 05/10/2010 I still have not wore any makeup because I have black little flakes coming off (this is completely normal) and my eyes are itching like crazy.
I like it so far but I think once its 100 percent healed I will love it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hogle Zoo - Mothers Day 05/09/2010

For Mother's Day we went to the Hogle Zoo along with every other mother out there. It was crowed but we still had fun. Almost every woman there was pregnant or just had a baby. I, of course don't fall in either of these areas because I have been fixed. YEAH for me!

My memory data bank in my brain is full so therefore I do not remember what all the animals are called. I need to find the delete button to remove some of the useless information that I am still holding on to.

Red Panda


Carley on Rhino
Baby Zuri and her mom Christie




Courtney and Carley with a Camel
Carley and Courtney with a Peacock in the back ground

The zoo has two Bald Eagle's and both of them only have one wing each. There was a woman standing next to her child and said " The zoo removed one of their wings so that they don't fly away". Really...are people really that dumb?? Both Eagle's had injured wings and the wings had to be amputated. The zoo would NEVER remove the whole wing so the Eagle won't fly away.
Bald Eagle

This little monkey was looking at Carley's finger. It was so cute.


Snow Leopard

Some people really needs to look in the mirror before they leave their house. This outfit is NOT cute! Also, your lace is coming off.

After the zoo we went to dinner at Chipotle.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm so proud to be the mother of Cassie, Courtney and Carley. I love you all!!!

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