Monday, May 31, 2010

Arch - Who Goes There?

We headed to Moab again for Memorial weekend. Oh, how we love Moab. We decided to go into the Arches National Park since we were so close to it. Maddie, Austin and I were the only ones who have been their before.

Park Avenue

Courtney at the Park Avenue lookout.

Goofing around by the Broken Arch. I never knew that everyone would have such a fun time climbing all over the rocks.
Maddie, Carley and Shane
I love the way Carley is posing in this picture.
Walk to the Sand Dune Arch. Why is Shane sucking in his stomach..WTF?!?

Walking up to the Delicate Arch. Maddie and Carley went back to the truck to get the big lens for my camera.

Delicate Arch

The Geico lizard was on vacation at the Arches the same time we was.

The Cove of Caves Double Arch was the first arch that we walked to and climbed on. The kids plus Shane and Mike had a blast climbing. Jenn and I decided to stay at the bottom and take pictures. Really? NO! I am a klutz and would fall and break something and ruin our trip.

Cove of Caves Double Arch
The man on the far left kept following us around to get in all of our pictures. His wife was their with her own camera so why did he need to be in our pictures?? Maybe because he wanted to be cool like us!
I cut the man out in this picture!

And in this picture.

Balanced Rock

The he/she on the far left yelled "Brett Michael's Rock of Love". I have no clue who any of these people are but I think they are "biker misfits"!

Here is the he/she's motor cycle. The banner reads Team Diva.

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