Friday, April 30, 2010

My Daddy

So today my niece Tealyn posted a photo album called "Little Tae" on facebook. It had two pictures of my dad in their. These pictures brought me to tears. I miss him so much! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him or share one of his stories. Shane and I are always talking about the things he would say or do. Literally every day something reminds me of my dad.

My dad died July 26, 1995 from the treatment for cancer. I remember my dad telling me the cancer will not kill him, the treatment will! And it did! The last couple years of his life was really hard. He had suffered a lot, more then anyone else I know. He was a very strong husband and father. I will always look up to him and I can't wait until I am with him again!

Dad, I love you! You are my hero!

Taelyn and My Dad

Dad, Mom and Taelyn

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Nature Conservancy - 4th grade Field Trip

Carley had her 4th grade field trip at The Nature Conservancy in Layton and I had the pleasure of going with them. Carley is in a 4th/5th split class so her teacher was not able to attend.

Wing and Water Field Trip was developed to help students understand the importance of migratory bird habitat at the Great Salt Lake.


I only had two other kids in our group besides Carley. I love small groups! Our group was called the Snowy Plovers and our guide was Bruce.

Trenton Wendt, Ashlyn Parker and Carley

The wind was blowing about 40MPH (I'm not over exaggerating either) and it was kind of cold. We was able to see a Sand Hill Crane, some Geese and this Duck. We heard some frogs but didn't see them.

Green Head Mallard Duck

You walk along the boardwalk in an exploration of the wetland habitat, plants and animals.

Carley thought the field trip was very interesting and really loved it. I loved just being with her.
On the Adult Supervisor's Guide sheet they gave to us volunteer's it says to refrain from OVER-SOCIALIZING. I find this statement strange because I would NEVER OVER-SOCIALIZE!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

99 Nail

Jenn and I decided to have cute toe nails for summer. So we went to 99 Nail (not nails with an "S') because Kimmy goes there and loves it.

Here is the break down:
We paid $50.00!! Yes, you read right. FIFTY FREAKIN DOLLARS!!!!

Why you ask, because we got riped off! Yes, riped off!!

Here's the story
KyAnn and Pleshette had went earlier in the day and said " We went and got our toes done, they are so cute! They rubbed our feet a "little". We had them painted zebra print. It was only $30.00" (this quote is very important for my story). Did you notice I put quotes inside of a quote? It's because the word "Little" is so important in my story.


Jenn and I picked out a cute zebra print to have painted on our toes and the fine folks at 99 Nail began working on us. We were the last appointment of the day so I didn't find it odd that they didn't rub our feet a "little".

Tom working on my toes.

I don't know the girls name that did Jenn toes, so I'm just going to call her "Little Girl" because she was so tiny.

Little Girl doing Jenn toes.

I was telling Jenn that this is where Kimmy goes. Tom who was listening to our conversation said "Kim and Angie"? I said "Yes, Kim and Angie. We want our toes cute like theirs". Now I'm super confident that our toes are going to be just like Kimmy's.

Jenn and Me

Jenn "What do we owe?"
Tom after speaking Chinese to the Little Girl says " $50.00"
Jenn "Together?"
Tom "Each"

I fell on the floor!! Then I proceeded to tell Tom about KyAnn and Pleshette only paying $30.00. He told me that the zebra print, and the gel coat was extra..Hmm, why don't tell you that ahead of time?

I called Kim to see what see pays. Guess what, she only pays $25.00!

Kimmy, Angie, KyAnn and Pleshette got pedicures with their toes painted not acrylic with a gel top coat.

Kimmy, KyAnn, Jenn, Pleshette and Me

But our toes look cute.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Successful Draw

Shane finally drew out for Archery Bull Elk in the Monroe Mountains. He has been putting in for this hunt for 9 years and now that he drew out he has to wait another 5 years before he can put in again. If history repeats itself Shane would be 54 years old before he does this hunt again.

We love the Monroe Mountains and now we will be spending a lot more time down there this summer so Shane can scout and become very familiar with the area. This is a win win situation for all of us. The pictures on the side of my blog of Darrell, Gunner, and Dori were taken at the Monroe Mountains.

Shane also drew out for Archery Buck Deer, Statewide.

Shane really wants one of these.

Courtney drew out for the Rifle Buck Deer, Northern. Since this is a youth tag she can hunt all three seasons and use that seasons weapon. This is her very first year hunting big game. She has her own bow but not a high powered rifle. Don't worry, I have one she can use.

Courtney really wants one of these.

I told Courtney that if she kills a deer we will have it mounted for her, no matter what size. She is so EXCITED! Me on the other hand, did NOT draw out for anything. I put in for the Bull Moose, North Slope. Maybe next year.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Administrative Professionals Day

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. Kris and Dave sang "Happy Administrative Professional Day" to me. I don't even know that a song existed for this day. They also gave me four gift certificates. This is all super weird to me because they have never done this before.


But thanks!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mom Adams' Birthday

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Mom...Happy Birthday to you!!!

You say it's your birthday...It's my birthday too...NOT REALLY..

Today, Shane's mom turns 66 years young and we think she looks MAR-VEL-OUS!

Verdeen and Stan

Me, Carley, Verdeen and Stan

Stan and Verdeen

Thank you for all you do for us! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Backyard Fire

One of our great investments was our fire pit. We bought it a couple of years ago for the back yard. Its nice in the spring and fall when we are not camping to sit around the fire with family or friends or both like we did on Friday. We eat, we talk and we just plain enjoy each others company. We started the night out with BBQ hamburgers and chips then moved to habanero turkey hot dogs. I think every fire needs hot dogs of some sort. No smores because I had just thawed a Burnt Almond Fudge pie.

Jenn will now demonstrate how to put a hot dog on a stick.

Why is your tongue out?

Why the smirk?

Now, Pam will demonstrate how to put a hot dog on a stick.

It looks like Pam is planning something EVIL!
Pam really loves hot dogs.

We have good neighbors to the back of us which makes it easy to have friends and family over.

Friday, April 16, 2010


When I was a little girl I wanted my mom and I to run away and become hippies. I wanted a pink and purple van with big flowers on it. I would beg her all the time and she would tell me that we can't but the sad thing is I don't remember why.

This is the closest picture I could find to my dream van.
For some crazy reason I started to think about it and posted it on facebook. Here are the comments that I've received.

Theresa Gleason Adams has always wanted a pink and purple van with big flowers on it. I wanted to run away and become a hippie

Wed at 5:41pm Only Friends · Comment ·Like Unlike · View Feedback (10)Hide Feedback (10)

Penny Crittenden Stewart likes this.

KyAnn Bradshaw Checketts
I'm in! Let's do it!
Wed at 5:52pm ·

Carley Adams
can i drive! hehehe
Wed at 6:14pm ·

Courtney Adams
ill go where we runnin away too? :)
Wed at 6:21pm ·

Josh Brotzman
U Damn Hippies!!!!
Wed at 6:23pm ·

Angela Esteves-Scribner
You couldn't survive as a hippie...KyAnn couldn't either! No make up, natural hair color, hairy pits and legs...YUCK!
Wed at 7:57pm ·

Jeff Sanda
So you ran to us to live the dream! I'm still mad at U..
Wed at 9:04pm ·

Rachelle Clements Joseph
Its never too late to live your dream Theresa!!
Yesterday at 8:13am ·

Penny Crittenden Stewart
Foe some reason I can see this! LOL.......
Yesterday at 12:36pm ·

Burke Tice
sounds like my work van
Yesterday at 5:23pm ·

Now I will reply to the comments but only on my blog:

KyAnn - I agree with Angela, I don't think you could handle it. No science fairs!
Carley - Yes, you can drive but we will have to take the back roads because you don't have a drivers licence.
Courtney - I will count you in. I think Oregon or Washington will be a nice place for us to become hippies. They are very natural up there.
Josh - Love and Peace bro.
Angela - The only thing I would have a hard time with is the hairy pits but I am sure over time I could get use to it.
Jeff - WHAT??
Rachelle - Your right!
Penny - Me too.
Burke - LUCKY!

The picture below could totally be me. I think I would make an AWESOME hippie. I could totally rock the Crystal Gayle hair and I already look smokin hot in glasses.

My dogs could even be hippies. If this dog was black it could totally be Gunner.

Shane said he is all for us becoming hippies. bad it's not still the 70's.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Las Vegas day 1 - 04/09/2010

The Adams' and Thomas' decided to head to Las Vegas for spring break. We arrived the night of 04/08/2010 extremely tired. We stayed at Circus Circus.

After we checked into the hotel we went to the midway to watch one of their "World Class Circus Acts" (the quote is from Circus Circus, not me).

Friday was 80 degrees and we were lovin the weather. We ALL wore shorts or capri's and the girls wore flip flops for the first time this year. HUGE MISTAKE!!
Water fountain outside the Venetian
Mike, Jenn, Me and Shane
Carley, Maddie, Courtney, Austin and Cassie

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
I was trying to kiss Harrison Ford and Jenn was trying to look into his eyes, we both failed!
Me, Harrison Ford and Jenn
Maddie, Harrison Ford and Carley

Austin, Whoopi Goldberg and Cassie

Maddie, Whoopi, Carley and Cassie
Jenn, Whoopi, Me and Courtney

This was a real man posing like Yoda. If you want a picture with him you have to tip him. I told Shane if we lose our jobs we could move to Las Vegas, he and Carley could play the guitar, Cassie and Courtney could dress up and I would sell water for $1.

M&M Store
We watched the 3D movie - I lost my "M" in Vegas and stole the 3D glasses. Yes, you read right, we stole them.
Shane and I
Me, Red M&M and Courtney

Coke Store
Really had nothing cool in it but we posed with the Coke Bear. Cassie was too cool to get in the picture and Shane didn't hear us yell his name.
Mike, Jenn, Carley, Maddie, Austin, Me and The Coke Bear
Can you tell who and where the real person is?
It's me!! I'm the 4th butt from the left. I know its was hard to tell.
Carley found this shirt and wanted a picture by it but was afraid to stand by herself so I posed with her.
Carley and I
Outside the Mirage, a gold statue of Siegfried and Roy with a White Lion.
This was the first place we stopped to get band aids for Carley and Cassie's feet.

Treasure Island show Sirens of TI

By the end of the day this is what my feet looked like. OUCH!!!!! I wore flip flops, Stupid Me!!
Can you see that my toes are all swollen?

Tomorrow will be a great!
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