Monday, April 12, 2010

Las Vegas day 2 - 04/10/2010

We started off the 2nd day with sore feet so we decided we would drive more and walk less. Our first stop, after coffee was MGM Grand.

Courtney, Me, Carley, Shane and Cassie

Rain Forest Cafe
I think maybe this Dragonfly should be my next tattoo.

This big snake was trying to eat Courtney! Don't worry, I was there to save her!

Courtney and the Snake

Holy crap!!! Why does everything want to eat Courtney?

Courtney and the Iguana

Carley, kissing the Iguana

Here are the Lion and Lioness

The Statue of Liberty outside the New York New York.

We are outside of the Riviera posing like the Crazy Girls. Jenn said and I quote "stick your butts out". Why was I the only one that listened?


Jenn, Maddie, Carley, Me and Courtney

REALLY...Mike and Shane look like they are enjoying themselves. This picture should not surprise anyone.

Le Reve at the Wynn was the highlight of our trip. Carley thought the show was called "liver". We sat on the first row (splash zone), seats 1 thru 9. These are the only pictures I have of the show because cameras are prohibited. I took these after the show walking out.

Carley and I both caught carnations that were thrown at the end of the show.

After Le Reve we had an SUV limo take us down to Fremont Street. Courtney, Carley and Maddie saw their first transvestite.

The Fremont Experience show was KISS.

We found another limo to take us back to the hotel.

Cassie, Shane, Me, Courtney, Maddie, Carley, Mike, Austin and Jenn

I had to sit on the floor.

On our way home from Las Vegas the next morning. Carley loves Courtney!

We had an AWESOME time in Las Vegas!

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