Monday, April 19, 2010

Backyard Fire

One of our great investments was our fire pit. We bought it a couple of years ago for the back yard. Its nice in the spring and fall when we are not camping to sit around the fire with family or friends or both like we did on Friday. We eat, we talk and we just plain enjoy each others company. We started the night out with BBQ hamburgers and chips then moved to habanero turkey hot dogs. I think every fire needs hot dogs of some sort. No smores because I had just thawed a Burnt Almond Fudge pie.

Jenn will now demonstrate how to put a hot dog on a stick.

Why is your tongue out?

Why the smirk?

Now, Pam will demonstrate how to put a hot dog on a stick.

It looks like Pam is planning something EVIL!
Pam really loves hot dogs.

We have good neighbors to the back of us which makes it easy to have friends and family over.

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