Friday, April 16, 2010


When I was a little girl I wanted my mom and I to run away and become hippies. I wanted a pink and purple van with big flowers on it. I would beg her all the time and she would tell me that we can't but the sad thing is I don't remember why.

This is the closest picture I could find to my dream van.
For some crazy reason I started to think about it and posted it on facebook. Here are the comments that I've received.

Theresa Gleason Adams has always wanted a pink and purple van with big flowers on it. I wanted to run away and become a hippie

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KyAnn Bradshaw Checketts
I'm in! Let's do it!
Wed at 5:52pm ·

Carley Adams
can i drive! hehehe
Wed at 6:14pm ·

Courtney Adams
ill go where we runnin away too? :)
Wed at 6:21pm ·

Josh Brotzman
U Damn Hippies!!!!
Wed at 6:23pm ·

Angela Esteves-Scribner
You couldn't survive as a hippie...KyAnn couldn't either! No make up, natural hair color, hairy pits and legs...YUCK!
Wed at 7:57pm ·

Jeff Sanda
So you ran to us to live the dream! I'm still mad at U..
Wed at 9:04pm ·

Rachelle Clements Joseph
Its never too late to live your dream Theresa!!
Yesterday at 8:13am ·

Penny Crittenden Stewart
Foe some reason I can see this! LOL.......
Yesterday at 12:36pm ·

Burke Tice
sounds like my work van
Yesterday at 5:23pm ·

Now I will reply to the comments but only on my blog:

KyAnn - I agree with Angela, I don't think you could handle it. No science fairs!
Carley - Yes, you can drive but we will have to take the back roads because you don't have a drivers licence.
Courtney - I will count you in. I think Oregon or Washington will be a nice place for us to become hippies. They are very natural up there.
Josh - Love and Peace bro.
Angela - The only thing I would have a hard time with is the hairy pits but I am sure over time I could get use to it.
Jeff - WHAT??
Rachelle - Your right!
Penny - Me too.
Burke - LUCKY!

The picture below could totally be me. I think I would make an AWESOME hippie. I could totally rock the Crystal Gayle hair and I already look smokin hot in glasses.

My dogs could even be hippies. If this dog was black it could totally be Gunner.

Shane said he is all for us becoming hippies. bad it's not still the 70's.

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