Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Nature Conservancy - 4th grade Field Trip

Carley had her 4th grade field trip at The Nature Conservancy in Layton and I had the pleasure of going with them. Carley is in a 4th/5th split class so her teacher was not able to attend.

Wing and Water Field Trip was developed to help students understand the importance of migratory bird habitat at the Great Salt Lake.


I only had two other kids in our group besides Carley. I love small groups! Our group was called the Snowy Plovers and our guide was Bruce.

Trenton Wendt, Ashlyn Parker and Carley

The wind was blowing about 40MPH (I'm not over exaggerating either) and it was kind of cold. We was able to see a Sand Hill Crane, some Geese and this Duck. We heard some frogs but didn't see them.

Green Head Mallard Duck

You walk along the boardwalk in an exploration of the wetland habitat, plants and animals.

Carley thought the field trip was very interesting and really loved it. I loved just being with her.
On the Adult Supervisor's Guide sheet they gave to us volunteer's it says to refrain from OVER-SOCIALIZING. I find this statement strange because I would NEVER OVER-SOCIALIZE!

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