Friday, April 23, 2010

Successful Draw

Shane finally drew out for Archery Bull Elk in the Monroe Mountains. He has been putting in for this hunt for 9 years and now that he drew out he has to wait another 5 years before he can put in again. If history repeats itself Shane would be 54 years old before he does this hunt again.

We love the Monroe Mountains and now we will be spending a lot more time down there this summer so Shane can scout and become very familiar with the area. This is a win win situation for all of us. The pictures on the side of my blog of Darrell, Gunner, and Dori were taken at the Monroe Mountains.

Shane also drew out for Archery Buck Deer, Statewide.

Shane really wants one of these.

Courtney drew out for the Rifle Buck Deer, Northern. Since this is a youth tag she can hunt all three seasons and use that seasons weapon. This is her very first year hunting big game. She has her own bow but not a high powered rifle. Don't worry, I have one she can use.

Courtney really wants one of these.

I told Courtney that if she kills a deer we will have it mounted for her, no matter what size. She is so EXCITED! Me on the other hand, did NOT draw out for anything. I put in for the Bull Moose, North Slope. Maybe next year.

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