Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in Moab

This year for Easter we went to Moab with the Thomas'. As usual we had a freakin blast! We set up camp away from other people so the dogs can run and we can listen to music without being bothered. The dogs had found a ball and played catch until their feet were bloody raw. Look at Gunners nose from getting the ball when it lands in the dirt.


Gene Simmons and I are twins who were separated at birth. Can you see the resemblance? HINT: Our tongue's are the same length.

Me, Darrell and Dori

Look at Jenn's hat on Shane's head. Can you say "too small"?

Shane and Jenn

Shane and lumber Jack Mike

Carley, Maddie, Courtney and Austin

Carley jumping the RZR

Courtney jumping the RZR

Austin jumping the RZR

After Austin got done jumping the RZR he went and did donuts. The RZR ended up on its side. Good news, it was the throttle that got stuck so it was not his fault. Mike is thinking about calling Polaris and having them recalled. KIDS WE ARE NOT STUPID!

We are on the way to the Green River.

Jenn and Mike

Me, Courtney and Maddie

Me and Carley

The Thomas fam-dam-ily

Shane is now jumping the RZR and I am stress that something is going to break. I am NOT a DAREDEVIL. I am kind of a scared baby!

Mike with Jenn jumping the RZR

To sum up the Moab trip...Mike makes the BEST bloody Mary's

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