Wednesday, April 7, 2010

39 and Playing Twister

It was Shayla Checketts' 6th birthday party that I played twister for the very first time. I am 39 years old and have NEVER played twister before! WOW, I sure missed out on a lot of fun when I was younger.
KyAnn, Pleshette, Jenn and I

You can only see Pleshette's leg in this picture.

Nice, butt shot!

We had so much fun that the kids wanted to try.

Courtney, Carrie, Paizleigh and Maddie

Carley and Shayla

Then we put on a weird crochet-bead thing on our head.
KyAnn and Carley

We found a fish costume that KyAnn had made for Halloween and of course we had to try it on. I will be completely honest, I didn't know that KyAnn was so talented when it comes to sewing.




I am pretending to swim.

We also had a very nice BBQ dinner.
Thanks for the invite!

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