Tuesday, April 27, 2010

99 Nail

Jenn and I decided to have cute toe nails for summer. So we went to 99 Nail (not nails with an "S') because Kimmy goes there and loves it.

Here is the break down:
We paid $50.00!! Yes, you read right. FIFTY FREAKIN DOLLARS!!!!

Why you ask, because we got riped off! Yes, riped off!!

Here's the story
KyAnn and Pleshette had went earlier in the day and said " We went and got our toes done, they are so cute! They rubbed our feet a "little". We had them painted zebra print. It was only $30.00" (this quote is very important for my story). Did you notice I put quotes inside of a quote? It's because the word "Little" is so important in my story.


Jenn and I picked out a cute zebra print to have painted on our toes and the fine folks at 99 Nail began working on us. We were the last appointment of the day so I didn't find it odd that they didn't rub our feet a "little".

Tom working on my toes.

I don't know the girls name that did Jenn toes, so I'm just going to call her "Little Girl" because she was so tiny.

Little Girl doing Jenn toes.

I was telling Jenn that this is where Kimmy goes. Tom who was listening to our conversation said "Kim and Angie"? I said "Yes, Kim and Angie. We want our toes cute like theirs". Now I'm super confident that our toes are going to be just like Kimmy's.

Jenn and Me

Jenn "What do we owe?"
Tom after speaking Chinese to the Little Girl says " $50.00"
Jenn "Together?"
Tom "Each"

I fell on the floor!! Then I proceeded to tell Tom about KyAnn and Pleshette only paying $30.00. He told me that the zebra print, and the gel coat was extra..Hmm, why don't tell you that ahead of time?

I called Kim to see what see pays. Guess what, she only pays $25.00!

Kimmy, Angie, KyAnn and Pleshette got pedicures with their toes painted not acrylic with a gel top coat.

Kimmy, KyAnn, Jenn, Pleshette and Me

But our toes look cute.

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