Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tooth Fairy Rip Off!

Carley lost a tooth on Saturday 05/01/2010 and on Sunday 05/02/2010. The tooth she lost on Saturday was at her dance competition and the Tooth Fairy left her $1.00.

I guess that one dollar was not enough because Carley wrote on the plastic bag to the Tooth Fairy "will you please give me 2 dollars"?

Carley woke up Monday morning to find that the Tooth Fairy only left her $1.00. Boy was she mad! She came into our bedroom and said " The Tooth Fairy is a rip off!! You don't even get what you want!! I asked for $2.00 and she only gave me $1.00!!"

In the Tooth Fairy defense:
  • Maybe she only had $1.00.
  • Maybe that's the going rate.
  • Maybe she doesn't know how to read.
  • Maybe the economy has affected her also.

Let's not get upset with the Tooth Fairy. After all she is a Wonderful, Beautiful, and Caring Tooth Fairy ever!!

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