Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hogle Zoo - Mothers Day 05/09/2010

For Mother's Day we went to the Hogle Zoo along with every other mother out there. It was crowed but we still had fun. Almost every woman there was pregnant or just had a baby. I, of course don't fall in either of these areas because I have been fixed. YEAH for me!

My memory data bank in my brain is full so therefore I do not remember what all the animals are called. I need to find the delete button to remove some of the useless information that I am still holding on to.

Red Panda


Carley on Rhino
Baby Zuri and her mom Christie




Courtney and Carley with a Camel
Carley and Courtney with a Peacock in the back ground

The zoo has two Bald Eagle's and both of them only have one wing each. There was a woman standing next to her child and said " The zoo removed one of their wings so that they don't fly away". Really...are people really that dumb?? Both Eagle's had injured wings and the wings had to be amputated. The zoo would NEVER remove the whole wing so the Eagle won't fly away.
Bald Eagle

This little monkey was looking at Carley's finger. It was so cute.


Snow Leopard

Some people really needs to look in the mirror before they leave their house. This outfit is NOT cute! Also, your lace is coming off.

After the zoo we went to dinner at Chipotle.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm so proud to be the mother of Cassie, Courtney and Carley. I love you all!!!

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