Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eye Liner Tattoo

Today 05/04/2010 Pam and I decided to get our eye liner tattooed on. Holy Shit!! We went to MariaIsabel Villalobos who is a Master Esthetician in Layton. Pam has had her eye liner tattooed before but I was a virgin. Let me clarify the statement about me being a virgin. I am a virgin when it comes to eye liner being tattooed on.

Maria pricks your head and then drops a little drop of dye to see if you are allergic to the dye. Pam and I both passed the test.

The white stuff on Pam's eye is a cream that is used to numb the eye lid. I wonder why they don't use this cream when you go to a tattoo parlor?

I was going to pass out if I kept watching so that's why I only got four pictures of Pam. I don't do good at the sight of blood, or watching someone go through pain. Call me a wuss if you want but I like to think it's because I'm tender hearted.

Now it's my turn.WOW...HOLY SHIT...THIS FREAKIN HURTS!! This pain is not like my other tattoo's I have had. I would like you all to think that I am tough but really I wasn't! I thought Pam was kind of a boob until I got on the table. Oh hell no, she was tough compared to me!

Maria kept telling me to hold still. I tried really really hard. Its was super hard!! I wanted to shut my eye and Maria could lift my eye lid up but she told me I had to keep my eye open.

This is my Gene Simmons look. I totally rock this look!!

MariaIsabel Villalobos

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