Monday, May 10, 2010

Eye's In Review

As you all should know by now Pam and I went and had our eye liner tattooed on. I want you to see a day by day review on my eyes.

Before with makeup on
Before without makeup on

The next day after getting them tattooed my eyes were red, blurry and swollen. I was starting to get a black eye. I thought this was kind of cool because I have NEVER had a black eye before.
Day 1

Pam - Day 1

Did you notice how miserable I look compared to Pam?
On this day my eyes are not as red or swollen as day 1 and the blurriness has gone away.
Day 2

On this day I think I am looking better. My black eye did not pan out so it was kind of a let down, Oh well.
Day 3

As of today 05/10/2010 I still have not wore any makeup because I have black little flakes coming off (this is completely normal) and my eyes are itching like crazy.
I like it so far but I think once its 100 percent healed I will love it.

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