Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shane Is The Big 41

Shane 05/14/1969

OOOHHHH...Birthday Boy!!
How are you going to celebrate?
Celebrate turning 41!!
Let's Party!!
Party like Rock Stars!!

Here is the skinny birthday boy:

  1. You are a WONDERFUL husband!
  2. You have three BEAUTIFUL daughters!
  3. You are as HANDSOME as EVER!
Here is the skinny birthday boy on your age:

  1. You are older than 1 year, 4 months and 12 days. (I would totally do the minutes but I have no clue what time we were born)
  2. You have been married longer then you've been single.
  3. Your full retirement age is 67 years old. Only 26 more years!

Letter from Carley:

I love you daddy so much you are the best dad in the world and the best dad i ever had well your the only dad i ever had i love when you tell me all your funny stories like how you would be mean to girls when you were young and put a red coke can on the top of your truck and speed and act like you were a cop hahaha. and when i eat and you always still a piece of my food and i flip out but i actually don't care if you still my food! i love how you always tuck me in a night and say i love you car good night. thank you for all the thinks you've done for me and help golf and teach me to hold a golf club and teach be how to shoot an bow and arrow you have help me through my life and tell me what the good chose is I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Letter from Courtney:

Well there ain't much to say but that i love you and that your the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!! thank you for always being there to support me!! i love hunting and camping with you, you make it more of an adventure! i hope this year me and you can kill an elk and deer that would be such a blast!! even if we don't i will still just love spending daddy daughter time hunting!! :) I'm so glad your my dad! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH DADDY!!!


Shane, I love you so much!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day.

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