Thursday, August 12, 2010

Golfing for Work

I played in a golf tournament with one of our suppliers from work, Zellerbach. I have played in this tournament numerous times and it has always been my favorite. This year it was on a Thursday so Shane could not play. I ended up playing with Doyle Converse (President of manufacturing at RMP), Ron Christensen (Versa Cold 's GM in SLC) and Bob Whitehead (Doyle's Friend).

Do you see anything wrong with the picture below?

Just in case you didn't notice, I will point it out to you. My name is mispelled and I don't have a last name. I find this odd because I have worked with Zellerbach for 7 years so I would have thought that they would know how the spell my name and what my last name was. Well, the more I think about it, its not odd. Leo who is our salesman for Zellerbach has always called me "T".

I hit the ball where this pretty flower was, I actually think this is a weed of some sort.

Me and Ron

Doyle and Bob

We golfed 6 under par and had a blast. After golfing we had a nice lunch and drawing. Everyone that played in the tournament received a gift. I got a ball retriever, I already had one so I gave mine to Bob to give to his girlfriend. It's because I am super nice!

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