Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drive Inn

Summer time in Utah equals a trip to the drive inn movies. About two hours before we went a massive rain storm hit. Wait 15 minutes and the weather would change again.

Shane hates going to the movies but I was able to talk him into going to the drive inn. Carley wanted to see Despicable Me and Charlie St. Cloud. It worked out perfect because both movies were playing on the same screen.

We popped 4 bags of microwave popcorn, bought candy at Wal-mart and drinks at Maverik all because I will NOT pay the outrageous prices at the movies.

Chase, Cassie, Courtney and Carley

Me and Shane
We forgot the lawn chairs so all 6 of us sat in the back of the truck. It was so uncomfortable that Shane and I stayed awake for both movies. This is so not like us, Shane and I are usually in bed NO LATER then 10 pm.

The drive inn is totally REDNECK and I love it!!!


  1. How I miss drive inn movies. We used to live near one, but we moved. The best movie we saw was Jurrasic Park, (the first one) in a thunderstorm!! It was awesome.

    Thanks for being our new follower. We are following you back.

  2. hi,
    its me Tweedles
    thank you for coming to visit me.
    we do not have movie places like that, but it looks like fun.
    i cute some little doggys and kitties on your side bar,,,

  3. Hello, thanks for visiting our blog. That drive-in looks like alot of fun - we have never been to one.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus


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