Friday, July 9, 2010

Who's Your Dentist?

Courtney, Me, Carley and Shane had our 6 month dental checkup together. Our dentist is Dr. Spencer Wade (Dr. Glen Wade's son). This was not your ordinary dentist appointment.

Carley and I went back in a room together, while we were waiting and waiting we decided to play dentist. Let me give everyone some advise. Don't leave Carley and I alone in a room with boredom! Carley was the dentist first, I was the patient and the photographer (yes, I can take pictures of myself).

Carley even used the tools. If Shane, Courtney or Cassie was in the room with us they would be dying by now. They are the conservatives in our family.

Now it was my turn to play the dentist. Guess who just walked in the room? Dr. Wade. He looked shocked! I think that Carley and I were the first people he had caught playing dentist. He said to us "well, I guess you don't need me" and started walking out of the room. We started laughing.

Good news, NO cavities for any of us! Yeah!!

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