Sunday, July 4, 2010

Monroe Over The 4th of July

What better way to celebrate Independence Day then in the Monroe Mountains camping. Have I ever told you, "WE" (yes, I am authorized to speak for my family) "WE" heart camping!?!

This is my mad picture taking skills at work with the help from Shane's mad driving skills.

The red devil in the sign below is suppose to represent the Paiute Indian trail. I am not sure why because I don't see a resemblance between an Indian and a red devil, do you? The 01 and the person on the ATV is suppose to represent me. #1 ATV rider, do you see it?

Carley is scoping for deer and elk. Shane loves it when the girls get involved in wildlife.

Look at what she found. Not really, Gunner and Dori found the deer skeleton. Our dogs love to chew on deer antlers. Bingo! What a nice treat.

Shane and Mike cooked out on the BBQ grill while Jenn and I just sit back and relax! And boy, did we need to relax.

Monroe Peak is 11,217 feet (3,418.94 meters) above sea level and it's freakin COLD. No, we didn't hike. Come on, you know us better then that. We rode our ATV's to the top.

Shane and Mike



Monroe Meadows
This cow elk was at the top of Monroe Peak.

In this open area was Henry Torgerson's saw mill, it was in operation from 1914 thru 1936.

Shane has always took pride in his checker skills. He has always kicked our butts but NOT now. Courtney gave him a run for his money. She won 2 out of 3 games!
Shane was able to beat Carley but she gave him a run for his money also. Carley went down fighting to the very end.
A well needed nap.
Our dogs heart camping also, they get to run free. They stay within eye view of us because they are afraid of being lost.


I enjoy taking pictures of flowers because they don't move (unless the wind in blowing), they don't have double chins, they don't complain. Flowers are what they are, Flowers.

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