Thursday, July 1, 2010

Truck Crashes Into House; Couple Injured

I was driving to Syracuse last night and 2000 west was closed so I had to take a detour. On my way back home an hour later it was still closed. Well, that peeked my curiosity. I went to investigate, here is what I found.

Truck crashes into house; couple injured
DAVIS COUNTY -- A West Point couple suffered serious injuries when a truck came crashing through their bedroom wall Wednesday night.
Sheriff's officials have arrested two drivers involved in the crash.
Deputies say around 7 p.m., two trucks, a blue Dodge Dakota and a silver Dodge Ram, were speeding south on 2000 West when a pickup truck hauling a fifth-wheel trailer pulled into traffic in an attempt to make a left-hand turn.
Cameron Scott, the driver of the Dakota, crashed directly into the trailer, smashing it to pieces. Dustin McLaughlin, who was driving the Ram, tried to swerve out of the way.
"The silver truck tried to avoid the accident, came across here and careened right into the house," said Sgt. Dan Yeaman with the Davis County Sheriff's Office.
The young couple who lived in the house near 550 North had just gotten into bed for the evening when the truck smashed through their bedroom wall and came to a stop about four feet into the room.
Deputies say when the truck hit the house, it sent debris flying through the bedroom. They couldn't confirm whether the truck actually landed on the bed where the couple was laying.
The the man was flown to McKay Dee Hospital in critical condition with leg and chest injuries. The woman suffered injuries to her head and hip and was taken to McKay Dee by ambulance in serious condition.
Both are expected to survive.
As for the three drivers involved in the crash, all of them suffered only minor injures.
Deputies say the couple's twin children were in a bedroom in a different part of the house at the time of the crash. Neither was hurt.
Scott and McLaughlin were arrested Wednesday night on charges of reckless driving and exhibition of speed. Both trucks have been impounded.
Troopers estimate the trucks were traveling at 70 miles per hour when the drivers started to break. Witnesses told investigators one of the trucks was following the other very closely at the time of the crash.
The driver of the truck pulling the trailer, Henry Kidd, was cited for failure to yield.

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