Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freakin Hot = Water

Today was so freakin hot that Courtney, Carley and I decided to go to my sister Anna's house to swim in her pool. Anna has a real pool not like one of those blowup ones or a kiddie pool, a real pool.

I promised Anna that I would not post pictures on my blog of her in her swim suit (I don't know why because she looks good). The pictures below are NOT Anna (I know they look a lot like Anna but trust me on this one) it's Wendy! Wendy is a strange lady who was walking by Anna's house. She looked hot so I invited her to swim with us.

I am the one wearing sunglasses in all the pictures. I can't go outside without sunglasses on because the light will give me a headache.

Wendy and I
(why does everyone do rabbit ears on me?)

Anna's dog Kofax. Kofax is my favorite of Anna's dogs.

Diesel and his mom, Cassie was already at Anna's house swimming. Diesel LOVES the water so much that you have to shut the bathroom door when you are showering (most people shut their bathroom door when it's in use but not us Adams')because he will jump in and sit under the water. Was that TMI (too much information)?

Oh my hell! Look at how good my heal stretch is. For those of you who don't know this, I'm not even a dancer. I know, this comes as a total shock!

What a wonderful way to cool the body down!

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