Saturday, June 12, 2010

40 And Young

We went to a BBQ at Brad and Kim Larsen's house for Teresa Vigil Allen's 40th birthday party. Teresa turned 40 on May 29th but she lives in Victor Idaho so we had to celebrate her birthday when she came down to Utah.

Teresa, Kimmy, Kristi, Paula and I were all Doxey Dragons and Sunset Sun Devils together. All of us including KyAnn and Pleshette were Clearfield Falcons.

When Teresa and I were younger we got into an argument on how to spell "THERESA" correctly. She even told our teacher that I was lying on spelling my name with an "H"! The correct spelling is T "H"eresa, with an "H"! Actually both ways are correct but are pronounced different.
The·re·sa - [tuh-ree-suh]
Te·re·sa - [te-re-sah]
Teresa Vigil Allen

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Teresa
Happy Birthday To You!!

I made a appetizer and broccoli salad.

Teresa told us some funny stories about her and Kimmy and how she was always getting them OUT of trouble.
Teresa and Kimmy

Corrie (Teresa's sister) and Teresa

Shane and Checketts' were socializing with Brad while he was cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs.

Kristi, Paula, Me, Teresa, Corrie, Pleshette
Kimmy and KyAnn

DaNece and Scott Fickett (Kimmy's mom and step dad)

It was so nice to see you Teresa. You look FAB-U-LOUS!

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