Monday, June 21, 2010

Animals on Fathers Day

Fathers day weekend was spent in one of our favorite mountain areas, the Monroe Mountains. On our ride Friday we ran into snow that had bear tracks in it (cool and freaky). We also ran into trees along the trail and of course we didn't have a saw. We pulled the trees out of our way with Mike's RZR. Austin's friend Ricky came with them, I called him Ricky Bobby from the movie Talladega Nights.

Courtney, Ricky Tubbs (aka Ricky Bobby), Shane and Mike

Carley and Maddie found a teeter totter while waiting for us to move the trees.

We had our first cow herding experience. Cows are kind of gross. The mom cow that was ahead of us kept peeing and wagging her tail. The pee was flying all over, GROSS! All we wanted was for them to move to the side so we could get by. Note to self: Learn how to speak cow.

We saw alot of elk and deer in the meadows. They were not afraid of us, in fact they would lift their heads up as if they were posing for the picture.

There are three bull elks in the picture below. They were in the trees and it was dark so my flash didn't do so great, but we saw them.

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