Saturday, June 26, 2010

OoOo Aaawe

We went to the fireworks for Syracuse City days. They were super oober lame.
Carley: "Dad, tell me when it's the grand finale."
Shane: "You'll be able to tell."
Shoot, the fireworks were over and Carley wasn't able to tell that there was a grand finale. The bad economy has also sucked the "oOoO and Aaawe" out of the fireworks!

Guess who is in the background doing rabbit ears?

Busted, Miss Carley!

Carley posing in her new dress that we bought for Jamie's wedding.

Mike is trying to hold back the excitement that he feels towards watching the fireworks.

Jenn is practicing her "OoOoing". I don't think I heard her OoOoing or Aaaweing all night. Humm, Maybe Mike did.

I had bug spray on and still got bit. Those stupid mosquito's!

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