Saturday, July 24, 2010

Muddy Mess

A new camp spot (Milo's Kitchen) on the Monroe Mountains leads to muddy dogs. They were like kids in a candy store. They couldn't get enough of the mud.

Darrell Russell

Daisy Mae

There was a muddy creek just before the big rocks that the dogs were running through to retrieve a stick that Austin was throwing.

Max, Dori, Daisy, Darrell and Gunner

Wouldn't you know it, the time I forget my big camera we see two big bull elks. My blog camera is only a 3x zoom so I was not able to get a close up. Dammit Theresa! 1 bull is in the meadow and the other one is to the right of the lone pine tree.

Next time I will for sure bring my big camera.
After looking at this post, I thought I should clear something up.
I only have 3 dogs, the other two are the Thomas'. Also this trip must have been all about the dogs because there are no pictures of our kids even though they were there!


  1. I can't blame them for getting really into it, but what a mess!

  2. Looks like they had loads of fun!!!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by Hoss's World & becoming a follower!!!!

  3. adorable puppies! looks like they had fun! :)
    new follower here from follow me friday :)


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