Sunday, September 12, 2010

Follow the Bugle

Here is the story of Shane's elk hunt from my view.

Lance (Shane's brother), Shane and I headed up hunting Wednesday after work. Courtney decided to stay with grandma Adams all weekend and Carley came up with Shane's other brother Brian on Friday.

Last month Shane placed mineral rocks out for the elk to lick. I happen to find this gesture extremely nice and weird at the same time. Nice because we would spend money to buy the elk a rock sucker and weird because its like we was giving them a treat before we hunt them. On Thursday the wind was blowing so hard that we were not able to hear if the elk were bugleing or not. We decided to go and see if there had been any activity on the mineral rocks. Guess what? There was, the rocks turn smooth and shiny where the elk has licked it.

Next to the mineral rock was an elk wallow. Wallows are a combination between a mud tub and a urinal.

This was my first ever elk wallow. I'm in my camo clothes so you might not be able to spot me. I will give you a hint, I'm standing next to the tree.

Next to the mineral rock and wallow was an elk rub.

On Friday the real excitement began. We were able to track down a couple of herds and for the first time in my life I was able to hear an elk bugle only yards away. What an adrenaline rush! It's like a high for those of you who have not experienced it before.

Shane had stalked a herd and watched as an elk damaged this tree by rubbing it.

On Sunday the day Carley and I were leaving, Shane was successful! 6x6 bull elk. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU DID IT!

Look how excited Carley is in this picture. You would never know that she was really sick with a cold.

Lance, Brian and Shane

We had to cut the elk up on the mountain because it was to big and heavy to haul out.
I drove the RZR back to camp with the head tied on the back.

This was my first ever archery elk hunt and I loved it so much that next year I'm buying an archery spike elk tag.

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