Monday, September 6, 2010

A Weekend for the Labor'ers

Labor day weekend was spent on the Monroe Mountains with the Thomas', Shane's brother Lance and his wife and son.

On the drive down Courtney, Carley and I decided to make hats. The hat that I am modeling below is for Shane (duh, it's camo). I so badly wanted to wear this for the whole drive but Shane was too embarrassed and asked me to take it off.

Mid afternoon we would see smoke from the Twitchell fire that was burning on the Beaver Mountains.

Shane brother Lance had a spike bull elk tag and was successful with his hunt.

Carley, Lance, Hunter (Lance's son) and Shane

The elk was taken in the burn area so we had the challenge of trying lift, pull and drag through the fallen timber

The girls were so excited because Lance gave them the antlers that were still covered in velvet to keep.

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