Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is our annual Christmas tree hunting day in Yost Utah. This is one of our family traditions that I hope we will always do and the girls will continue with their families.

The two best parts of a fresh cut tree are:
  1. The house smells of fresh pine.
  2. Pine needles are NOT all over the floor.

The tree below is the one that was sacrificed.

Cassie and Chase live in a small house together so this is their first tree. They wanted a small tree but I think their tree is bigger then mine.

After Christmas tree hunting a shooting we will go.

Shane and Carley

Mike and Courtney



This year we invited the Thomas' to go with us. However they didn't cut down a tree. They have a FAKE tree.
Maddie, Mike, Jenn and Austin

The absolute best part of Christmas tree hunting is spending time with each other! We truly cherish this time!

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