Monday, March 29, 2010

Davis High Dance Competition

Carley had her first dance competition with Rhythm Works Dance Studio on Saturday. She was MAR-VELOUS!!! I think our girls got their rhythm from me. Yeah, I am sure of it! I'm one hell of a dancer!

This is their show routine called Shakin' In Our Boots. They took 2nd place.

Carley is the 5th one
Carley is the 4th one

Carley, Sara and Grace Larsen.

Grace, Carley and Sara

Carley is the one pretending to kiss the girl whos thumbs are up.

Carley dances with her cousins Sarah Child, Maddie Adams and Megan Adams also. I should have gotten a picture of them also, SILLY ME! next time.
Kimmy and I

We were at Davis High school for 12 hours. Our BUTTS hurt!!!

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