Monday, March 22, 2010

Is It I-Da-Ho or You-Da-Ho??

Its IDAHO, ya'll..
As an Adams' and Thomas' tradition we survived our March Lava trip. We love going to Lava in March because you don't have the crowds or the family reunions but you still get the weirdo's.
Our first night by the fire. I think Jenn and I look happy, don't you agree?

I am teaching Jenn how to open her eyes wide.

One of the stores that is a must visit is Dempsey Creek. They have the best rings. The guy on the floor must have been a little too tired to stand or... is he too drunk??

The hot pots are always nice in March because it's not too hot outside so the water is enjoyable. The man in his banana hammock was very proud of himself and wanted all of us to be proud too.
We weren't!!

Walking down the street we found this car that wanted us to know that they will be LDS4EVR. GO YOU!!

This is Shane at Shanes Service

The Royal...We have NEVER gone to Lava without eating here. They have the best salad, pizza and beer in Idaho.

Shane, Carley and Mike
Cassie, Maddie, Jenn and I

Jenn, Me, Alex Suzuki and Peyton Brown

Katiee Noble and Paizleigh Brown

Pleshette and Timmy

Did you notice shette is flipping off Courtney who is taking the pictures?
Morgan's friend and Morgan (Tim's daughter)
Carley and Maddie

Shane is drinking apple juice..hahahaha...really??? nope!!!
Courtney and Austin
To sum up the trip...Jenn and I are always happy!!

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