Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pie In My Face

I am sitting at work today with nothing to do but waste time. I know this surprises all of you because we all know what a SUPER HARD worker I am. So I thought since I am at work I should blog about work then it would be considered working..correct??? CORRECT!

One of our owners thought it would be great to have Casey Scott with Channel 2 News come in to do a segment on us.

Casey Scott and I

I told everyone that I was NOT, let me repeat myself, I was NOT going on camera!! I heard that the camera adds 10 pounds to you and I didn't need any more weight added! Well, to make a long story short I ended up on camera.

Click on date below to watch the video
Friday, January 22, 2010

As you can see in the video Casey and I were playing rock, paper, scissors. The loser would get a pie in the face. Before we went on air Casey told me what he was going to do for the first two and I had to flat out get the third one by myself. I took notes, I wrote it on my hand so that I would not forget. Did any of you notice before we started the game that I looked at my left hand? I did not want to lose! I did not want a pie in my face! I did not want to be on camera! Guess what, I lost! Everything I did not want to happen, happened.

The very last segment Casey wanted us to throw 30 pies at him. As you can see we also threw them at each other.

Me, Casey, Mark (Par) and Kris

It turned out to be a FUN morning after all!

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